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Who we are?

YaR Forum India is registered as Don Bosco National Forum for the Young at Risk [DBNF-YaR]. It is an organization for reflection, sharing and coordination among those involved in the youth ministry for the Young at Risk in South Asia, to network with likeminded persons and organizations on behalf of YaR, to influence policies related to the Young at Risk at the state, national and international levels. Young at Risk (YaR) Forum has its presence in 73 centres of 19 States & UTs reaching out to children on the street, trafficked, abused, abandoned, orphans, child labourers, school drop-outs, young prisoners or children in conflict with law, young substance abusers, children in war torn areas, refugee children, children affected by dreaded diseases, and the youngsters in other situations of risk. On an average in a year YaR Forum through its partners reaches out to over 200,000 (Two lakhs) children/youth at risk across India. YaR Partners provide subsidized but quality education to thousands of orphans and poor children through shelter homes, children’s homes and youth hostels, irrespective of their caste and creed. YaR Partners give vocational skills to school dropouts and unemployed youth. YaR centres care for women and children with HIV/AIDS, TB, and leprosy. YaR centres sponsor thousands of Self-Help Groups to establish a viable income generation activities. In short, YaR Forum promotes Children’s and Human Rights. Top Homelink (HLK) – Missing Child Search (MCS) Network System The philosophy of Homelink aims to meet every vulnerable child, whether he/she be lost, abandoned, run away, orphaned or rendered destitute, at the earliest moment of his/her separation or loneliness at locations where she lands and follows them up until alternate community / home environments are established. Hence, HLK/MCS is considered as a system with three specific features: i. Tool – that would document both quantitative and qualitative data of the child, which would help for the search of the missing child and subsequent home integration as well we for a long term rehabilitation process. ii. A System of documentation of various services including the innovative services, like Caring Community, Missing Child Bureau, etc. iii. Networking the centres involved in YaR as well as other NGOs and Govt. organizations.


Homelink Network System is the World Wide Web and proprietary software to capture the information of children at risk across India to assist and restore them to the safety of a Home. www.homelink.in is a web site specifically dedicated to ensure the restoration of children back `home` and assist in tracing lost or missing children. The missing child search network is open to all organizations that serve the unaccompanied youngsters and is part of the Homelink Network. MCS provides the web based linkage for Homelink Network...

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